The Montessori School seeks families who value an authentic Montessori education for the strong academic and personal foundation it provides a child during the most formative years of brain development.

An early investment in a TMS education will ensure your child’s success in later years. We recognize the need for sound financial management of school families, and assist by offering reasonable tuition and access to need-based financial aid to all who qualify.

Tuition 2018-19


  • Half day / $14,100
  • Full day / $17,200


  • $17,200


  • $17,200


  • $17,500


  • Early Morning Care 7:30–8:15am / By contract or $6
  • Aftercare 3:00-6:00pm / By contract or $12/hr

Download an Extended Programs Agreement PDF to see contract options available for you. If you already know your schedule, save your Morning Care and/or Aftercare space now by using the Online Extended Programs Agreement.


The Montessori School believes that full educational excellence requires a diverse community. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters peace, embraces diversity and encourages a diverse population. Our goal is to promote inclusion and collaboration, supporting an environment of openness where the exchange of ideas is appreciated and encouraged.

Multicultural education is an integral part of the Montessori philosophy. Our curriculum respects the individuality of each child, creates a community of cooperation and nurtures a sense of wonder and curiosity about our differences. We honor and actively explore the varied backgrounds and cultures in the world. Students are encouraged to appreciate different perspectives, identify and reject stereotypes and prejudices, and work for equality and justice within the school and the world.

TMS enjoys a diverse community of students, families and staff, and supports differences of gender, race, religion, family structure, socio-economic level, age, sexual orientation, and learning style. We strive to maintain a collaborative environment rooted from the sharing of experiences, ideas and unique qualities that each of our members brings to the school. Our goal is that through these efforts, each member of our community will feel valued and understood.