Every Parent Should Know These Proven Outcomes of the Montessori Program

Research demonstrates lasting benefits from Montessori education.

Prospective parents often come with questions concerning the kinds of results they can expect from a Montessori education. They come in wanting something different – something better – for their children, but many are also concerned about stepping too far away from the status quo.

Montessori ProgramDo classes here meet standard state requirements?

Will my child be able to achieve academic success?

How do Montessori-educated students score on standardized tests?

We’ve heard every question in the book…and we welcome each one because our confidence in the Montessori program is backed by research and actual data. In this article, we’d like to share with you some of the proven outcomes of the Montessori educational model.

Note: While we can’t speak for every school out there that claims the “Montessori” name, we can share from our perspective based on what happens inside our walls here at The Montessori School. Because there is research on the original Montessori program and because we stay true to that philosophy, we are able to anticipate the proven outcomes that this educational model has been shown to produce.

Historic Background

Let’s start from the beginning.

In the early part of the 20th century, Dr. Maria Montessori spent 40 years researching child development and designing the educational philosophy that we now associate with her name. Today, there are an estimated 22,000 Montessori schools in over 100 countries worldwide.

Much has changed since 1907 when Dr. Montessori opened her first school, but if one thing has remained the same, it is the positive results that are consistently produced for Montessori students.

Even now in the 21st century, the Montessori program continues to thrive as a means of hands-on learning, promoting the joyful, natural development of children under the guidance of qualified teachers who are trained to let the child lead.

Proven Outcomes

The research speaks for itself.

It’s one thing to like the idea of something in a theoretical sense. However, we want parents to choose Montessori education for their children based on more than just a “good feeling.” We believe that the research done on Montessori philosophy allows parents to formulate expectations based on actual evidence.

Of course, every student is unique and so each child will benefit in specific ways. However, the following research is helpful insight when considering the kind of results that can be expected from a Montessori education.

One study, Outcomes for Students in a Montessori Program, found that “in essence, attending a Montessori program from the approximate ages of three to 11 predicts significantly higher mathematics and science standardized test scores in high school.”

Another study focusing on 7th grade students who qualified for academic intervention services and were exposed to the Montessori approach to learning math, found that students not only “increased their understanding of multiplication” but that they also “showed improved enjoyment, perceived knowledge, and confidence in solving multiplication problems.”

Virginia Public Schools conducted a study, Montessori and Responsive Environment Models: A Longitudinal Study of Two Preschool Programs,  which concluded that children in a standard kindergarten program with prior Montessori experience scored significantly higher than did children without Montessori experience.

Academic success is a wonderful byproduct of a Montessori education, but it is by no means the only benefit. Students trained in this method also experience the following positive results:

  • Ownership in their learning process
  • Heightened maturity and social development
  • Solid sense of self-respect and respect for others
  • Critical thinking skills combined with creativity and innovation

Here at The Montessori School, witnessing how this method works for each individual child is our ultimate joy and goal as educators. We welcome any questions regarding the Montessori program in general or specific questions concerning our school and program options. Call us today at 215-791-8708 or request more information right on our website!


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