The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) is a national model program that provides greater access to education through public/private collaboration. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers a unique opportunity for businesses in the state, an opportunity to reduce their tax liability by contributing to registered scholarship organizations like The Montessori School. Applications are made online. Click here for more information and make a difference in the life of a TMS student!

The Montessori Network Scholarships #1 and #2 are Special Purpose Entities (“SPE”) that have received an allocation of tax credits from the State of Pennsylvania. Accredited Investors* can join with a contribution which will be passed on to TMS to fund need-based scholarships. In return, they would receive tax credits worth 90% of the contribution to be used to offset their PA income taxes. Participation is for two years, and may be renewed in future two-year cycles.

*Defined as individual income >$200,000 or joint family income >$300,000 in the most recent two years, OR net worth >$1,000,000.

Download information on the Special Purpose Entity (SPE) and the new way you can receive tax credits.