Garden Notes

Garden Notes as of July 12, 2017

Remember that when you look at the garden, the squares are numbered 1 to 4 across the back row, left to right, and 5 to 8 across the front row, left to right.

In General

Water and weed, assist the mesh fences to be attached to the posts so the critters are deterred.

Garden Areas

  • #1 Strawberries: Water and weed, and allow them to grow and thrive.
  • #2 Garlic is harvested. Yeah! Green pepper and Broccoli are growing, as are other plants (sweet basil? Lettuce? Herbs?) Water and weed.
  • #3 Volunteer squash vines and a potato vine. Water and weed. Gently redirect the squash vines into the garden, if possible.
  • #4 Large tomato plant, other growing items (beans, carrots, not sure what else). Water and weed. Optional: The tomato plant could use some attention: mulch underneath it so tomatoes on the ground don’t rot (could buy salt hay for this purpose). Support the plant with a modified tomato cage of some sort.
  • #5 Lovely green beans, gently continue to harvest twice a week. (This is a must-do!)
  • #6 Lovely tomato plants and a potato plant, water and weed.
  • #7 Great! Camp planted here! Water and weed.
  • #8 This is being nurtured as a cut-flower garden for the fall. Not sure what all is growing so be careful if you weed.


  • Dill: Dill can be cut and hung upside down to dry. Dill leaves are the herb we tend to use. Dill seed will grow, if the plants aren’t dried now, and the seeds can be harvested later. So either way is fine. There is basil and parsley growing. Harvest the small portions sparingly. Water and weed.
  • Mint: Harvest and dry a bunch of mint. Or pick the top third of a bunch of mint plants, stuff a pot of water with these leaves and stems, and bring them to a boil. Let set for 3 minutes, strain leaves for mint tea. The best tea is a “thin” tea. Dilute the concentrate with water, even 1 to 10. The mint is to the left of the toddler garden.
  • Swiss Chard: Harvest 1/3 of the plant at a time, if you choose. There are white flies or moths on the plant. Not sure how to treat them, but certainly squash any you see. Other things growing: an herb (lemon thyme?) perhaps also basil. Feel free to harvest a small portion of the growing herbs, or to simply allow them to continue to grow. Water and weed.

Toddler Garden

Water and weed. Zucchini, tomato and sweet potato are growing here. A Must: Put on gloves and pull all the thistle plants anywhere around the Toddler Garden.

Enjoy! I will aim to check things out next Tuesday morning July 18, 2017.

Dottie Baumgarten,
Sustainable Science