Where Can I Find A School that Offers a Comprehensive Curriculum?

When you think about the term “comprehensive curriculum,” what comes to mind? A diverse and all-encompassing educational program? Challenging and compelling subject matter? Although the previous two concepts relate to comprehensive curriculum, they are but a limited scope of the concept and how beneficial it can be, particularly in connection to elementary education.

What Does a Comprehensive Curriculum Look Like?

Comprehensive CurriculumAs previously mentioned, comprehensive curriculum refers partially to diverse and extensive educational programming. The intricacies of a comprehensive curriculum, however, may vary, depending on the school.

At The Montessori School, we offer a comprehensive curriculum based on the standards established by Dr. Maria Montessori, based on the identification of “sensitive periods” during childhood development. Our lessons follow a spiral paradigm (from level to level), founded upon Dr. Maria Montessori’s principle that specific lessons are designed for each sensitive period.

Our TMS Comprehensive Curriculum Includes:

  • Culture Curriculum
  • Art Curriculum
  • Language Arts Curriculum
  • Math Curriculum
  • Science Curriculum
  • Elementary Music Curriculum
  • Elementary Spanish Curriculum
  • Physical Education Program
  • Pre-Academic Curriculum: Introduction to the Practical Life Segment
  • Pre-Academic Curriculum: Introduction to the Sensorial Segment
  • Elementary Library Education

Are There Advantages of my Child Attending a School With a Comprehensive Curriculum?

There are several benefits of your child being introduced to a comprehensive curriculum, particularly at a young age. At TMS, we observe how our instructional approach and diverse curriculum allows children to repeat opportunities and to practice vital skill sets, such as practical life skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and more.

The result of repetition derived out of a comprehensive curriculum can create a love of learning, attuned concentration, intrinsic motivation, flexibility of thinking and confidence; all of which will create a solid foundation for learning to be called upon for the school years to come.

If you would like to know more about TMS and our comprehensive curriculum, please call us today at 215-515-6988.


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