Committee on Trustees

The Committee on Trustees (COT) is a standing committee of the board responsible for ensuring that the right mix of board members exists to deliver on the school’s mission and strategic priorities. The COT is responsible for the cultivation, recruitment, nomination, orientation and development of the board. They are also responsible for evaluating board performance every year as well as planning an annual board retreat. The COT shall have three or more members and shall be comprised of existing or prior board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the board charged with setting the annual school budget, reviewing a monthly variance to budget and historical cash flow and setting all financial policies related to tuition, financial aid, etc. The committee must be comprised of at least three Trustees, including board treasurer and the school business manager. The Finance Committee provides monthly reports on the financial health of the school, and recommends and seeks approval of the board for capital expenditures.

Building and Grounds
The Building and Grounds committee is a standing subcommittee of the Finance Committee that shall, in cooperation with the Head of School and Finance Committee, plan for, oversee and report on the strategic direction for the facility in order to meet future demands of the academic program, school growth and available budget.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is a standing committee of the board responsible for all areas of fundraising and shall be comprised of trustees as well as members of the school administration responsible for development (serving as non-voting members). The committee shall provide an annual development plan that is aligned with the annual operating plan. The committee reports on progress against the plan to all board members.

Head's Advisory Committee

The Head’s Advisory Committee is a standing committee of the board whose purpose is to provide support to the Head of School through regularly scheduled meetings.  The chair of the board must be a member of this committee.  This committee is responsible for working with the Head of School to design and implement an annual head evaluation process. The committee is also responsible for convening a committee for the purpose of conducting a search for a new Head of School at such time that this becomes necessary.