About Weather Closings

When “bad” weather is forecasted, please refer to this helpful guide for how we communicate emergency messages to our families and guidelines for parents for bus transportation in the event of school closings, late openings or early closings.

Snow Closing Communication

In the event of an emergency, such as one prompted by snow or ice, each family, staff member and trustee will receive a phone call to the number(s) you’ve provided us and a text message to your mobile phone from the school. Every effort is made to make a determination about a closing or late opening by 6:15AM. Phone messages and texts will also go out in the event of the need to close school early. Additionally, a notice will be uploaded to our school website and TMS parent Facebook page. See below to request access.

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Decision to Close School, Open Late or Close Early

TMS makes every effort to keep school open. However, the decision always prioritizes the safety of staff and families. The following information is taken in account: reports of road conditions, school district closings in areas surrounding the school and the decisions of other independent schools. It is possible that TMS will be open when your school district is closed and does not provide bus service. In this case and at all times, it is ultimately the determination of the parent as to the safety of driving conditions from their location to the school.

School District Bus Service

Parents who rely on bus service in the morning must check the status of their school district’s bus service the morning of a weather event. This can be done most easily by knowing the school closing number for your district and checking listing on news channels, district websites or KYW radio. A list of snow closing numbers is provided below for all districts that bus to TMS.

If the decision is made to close TMS early, we will inform each school district of our closing time. If a district makes the decision to close early, they inform us and we in turn will call parents of children who take the bus home from school to let them know what time their child will be leaving from school by bus. If a parent does not want their child to take the bus home on such a day, the parent must tell the school that their child is not to be put on the bus.

Early Morning and Aftercare

In the event of a late opening or early closing, there will be no Early Morning care or Aftercare. Children may not be dropped off at school before the announced late opening time or picked up after the announced early closing time. These decisions are made to allow staff to get to school safely and get home safely when road conditions are poor.

School District Snow Closing Numbers

Keep these numbers handy for public school bus service info (only if your child already uses a bus service):
Abington – 301
Central Bucks – 755
Cheltenham – 306
North Penn – 303
Philadelphia – 100
Upper Dublin – 311
Wissahickon – 314