Why Choose The Montessori School?

  • Student/teacher ratio: In the Toddler Program, we have 14 students and three staff members. In the Children’s House pre-school/Kindergarten program, each classroom has 22 to 24 students and two staff members. In the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classrooms, we have approximately 24-30 students and three staff members. We also employ a learning specialist and teachers that provide physical education, music, Spanish, art, sustainable science and STEM.
  • Certification: All of our guides hold Montessori certifications appropriate to the ages they teach.
  • Gender representation: Maria Montessori believed that a mix of age and gender in the classroom added an important dimension to the prepared environment. Therefore, in each classroom, our goal is to maintain both age and gender balance. We tailor our acceptances to attempt to meet this component of the Montessori philosophy.
  • Program consistency: All of our programs run five days per week. There are no 2- or 3-day options. Children benefit from consistent and daily routines that our guides provide in a fully prepared Montessori environment. Additionally, a summer program is available for TMS students.
  • Alumni: Life is good after TMS! Feedback from our graduates and their parents consistently indicates that The Montessori School students adapt easily and quickly to subsequent (e.g., more traditional) learning environments. Often, our students are described by their later teachers in both private and public schools as being capable of advanced, independent academic work, and also as being emotionally and socially mature for their ages.