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First Through Sixth Grades

Our elementary Montessori program begins in first grade and goes through sixth grade. When children enter first grade, they are entering a new “plane of development”*. The Montessori elementary environment provides opportunities for children to grow socially and academically. Language, math, science, culture, and other subject areas serve to challenge curiosity and result in discoveries about the world at large. As is true at every level of a Montessori education, and in conjunction with the use of Montessori materials, lessons are presented when they match developmental readiness and serve to increase learning.

The elementary program operates from 8:30am – 3:15pm. At the end of the school day, Lower and Upper Elementary students have the opportunity to choose hour-long electives in areas such as art, music, literature, writing, computers, or physical activity. Students who stay beyond these electives have the opportunity to work on homework and join our after care program.

  • Gaga pit
  • Upper Elementary classroom
  • Upper Elementary classroom
  • Upper Elementary assistant and student
  • Lower Elementary classroom
  • Lower Elementary Guide and students
  • Lower Elementary classroom

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary