First through Sixth Grades

Our elementary Montessori program begins in first grade and goes through sixth grade. When a child enters first grade, he is also entering a new plane of development*. The Montessori elementary environment provides opportunities for him to extend himself socially and academically. Language, math, science, culture, and other subject areas serve to challenge his curiosity and result in discoveries about the world at large. As is true at every level of a Montessori education and in conjunction with the use of Montessori materials, the right lessons are presented to the child at the right times, corresponding with developmental readiness and increased learning.

lower elementary

upper elementary

*Quick Montessori Definition/Plane of Development: Four distinct periods of growth, development, and learning that build on each other as children and youth progress through them: ages 0–6 (the period of the “absorbent mind”); 6–12 (the period of reasoning and abstraction); 12–18 (when youth construct the “social self,” developing moral values and becoming emotionally independent); and 18–24 years (when young adults construct an understanding of the self and seek to know their place in the world). Check out our Glossary for more Montessori definitions.

The elementary program operates from 8:30am – 3:00pm. At the end of the school day, Lower and Upper Elementary students have the opportunity to choose hour-long electives in areas such as art, music, literature, writing, computers, or physical activity. Students who stay beyond these electives have the opportunity to work on homework and join our after care program.