Expanding Access to Montessori Education: An Opportunity for Disadvantaged Students

Angela K. Murray, PhD, CUNY Institute for Education Policy, February 2015
Our nation struggles to prepare students for success in a modern economy. Some U.S. students are fortunate enough to be taught the necessary twenty-first century skills, but it is often a matter of chance or familial wealth rather than the deliberate design of our school system. Helping our most vulnerable children enjoy full participation requires not only strong academic skills, but also so-called “social capital,” capacities. Read more>>

7 Tech Innovators Who Became Wildly Successful After Going To Montessori School

Caroline Moss, Business Insider Australia, March 2014
Throughout history, tech innovators have had lots of common traits. They’re bright, outside-the-box thinkers, creative, and open-minded about the future. But here’s something you may not know about the tech founders listed below: they all went to Montessori school. Read more>>